The Wall of Light 3

2016, 172 x 278 x 46 cm / 67.8 x 109.5 x 18.1 inches
Acrylic Glass & Pigments

Permanently installed in front of the city hall of St Barthélemy
International Patent Filed

The Wall of Light 2

2015, 278 x 172 x 50 cm / 109.5 x 67.8 x 19.7 inches
Acrylic Glass & Pigments

International Patent Filed

The Wall of Light 1

2015, 185 x 245 x 50 cm / 72.9 x 96.5 x 19.7 inches
Acrylic Glass & Pigments

International Patent Filed

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality. It is a profound source of spirituality.” Carl Sagan


Since a young age I have felt like Alice in Wonderland because I go to search areas through the material to travel within ourselves where everything is possible somehow and, like Columbus, searching what goes further, beyond ourselves, what mysterious and still unknown regions are in ourselves: “why we are here, who we are and what our role is in coming to earth.”

I was 11 when we returned from Vietnam to France and I “bumped into” Carl Jung and Carl Sagan by chance. From then I became passionate about everything that made the connection between our consciousness and the Universe, whether it is astrophysics, physics, and quantum physics. The Light Walls are a part of the synthesis of all my research for over 40 years on this subject.

Science tells us today that our brain stores information, but another part of ourselves actually organizes it and several people recount the possibility that our consciousness exists parallel with our space / time, so therefore out of the body?

“Two black holes collided 1.3 billion light-years ago, this collision was received by Ligo and Virgo in September 2015 and validated on February 11, 2016 In its passage, the gravitational wave generated by this cosmic cataclysm deformed time and space. Thus, the Earth has been slightly distorted in a very ephemeral way. This is the distortion that was detected. If Time does not really exist, can we say that Death is an illusion created by space / time? (yet very real in our space-time dimension).

Walls in multiple layers represent our multiple dimensions.
Material (which however seems very real) is an illusion created by our consciousness and related to space/time.
Transparency of the walls is emptiness filled with information (see the sides of the plates) , our true nature, the light of the spirit (Love) comes to give us a different perspective on the experiment, to see through things, understand, realize, illuminate the viewing subject. Transparency of the walls represents knowledge and the light represents the spirit  the Love that illuminates and guides us to this new consciousness of the Self. In India here are 6 plates that are our 6 levels of awareness, represented by the “chakras” and the 7th is the light that illuminates them, feeds them.

I intentionally put the light that comes from below, so from Earth, the element, Plexiglas is oil, somehow the memories of the Earth, it is a way of saying “let’s look inside this “material” and perhaps we will finally find true answers from the Me to the Self. The Light comes from inside of Us and so from inside the Earth as well. (Plexiglas being the memories of the earth: oil), which is today our source of energy, with nuclear power.
Transparency evokes the emergence of another future with emptiness as a source of energy, which is filled with energy and information. A possible future ?! That would be wonderful.

My research led me to understand that “the intention and the point of view on…” of the observer that we are, that will determine the subject, create it somehow; we are responsible for what we experience because it seems that we create literally our reality through the way we apprehend “reality” influenced by our feelings, our induced memories  and our beliefs. So in which way do we want to look upon the world?

This “Wall of Light” is a great “Thanks to Saint Barths” which allowed me here to realize the connection that exists between our Consciousness and the Universe, it is also a “Tribute to the Bucket Reggatta”, to Sweden by the choice of colors and to the Sea.

A great “Thanks” too to all the physicists who work for all of us

My researcher and artist’s point of view has come to the conception that :

The world has the beauty of our way of looking upon it.